Tuesday, May 19, 2009

its may 19th-where the hell have i been?

wow, cant believe i havent posted in so long. well, i am at about 25 lbs down now. I finally got a wonderful new awsome scale. I still cant believe how my weight fluctuates each day. I was 228 on friday, took a 7 mile bike ride w hubby and saturday morning i was 225.something, and then sunday i rode again and was down to 222.something ( i keep forgetting the little 10/ths of a lb) and monday morning i was back up to 225. WTF???? I did think loosing so much from a bike ride was crazy, but at least scale is moving. From start weight of 249 that makes just about 25 lbs. I am on my last shot and wow, after posting on the hcg forum, people are so friggin helpful, its wonderful. Especially lilskigirl51, i just love her. SO thanks lilskigirl51, u are awsome. I cant wait to have a drink memorial day weekend. I have not had any alcohol since well, 40 days ago tomorrow. That is awsome. Yes my name is stephanie and i am a wino. LOVE the VINO!!. However havent actually missed it this whole time. HCG is an amazing little liquid. I really hope i can stabalize my weight during P3. I was planning on loosing but it really is not what you are supposed to do. I am to only go under by 2 lbs max. My hypothalamus is setting itself and to loose too much is bad for my body. Wow, that sounds really f-ed up. But I will continue to do what i need to do to get down to a well, i havent planned a clothing size, but i have two goals. 1 is to be able to wear a tank top and look good and 2... i really want to be able to cross my legs comfortably. I am short, and have short legs, so this will require me to be much smaller. I am on my way. Hurray.

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